Hello From the New Vista

So I’ve been the Development Coordinator at the Sanctuary for about three weeks now through the Digital Media Arts Service Corp Program. It is a part of the larger AmeriCorps program, but focuses on empowering people through technology. After so many years of being a volunteer here, it is great to be at the Sanctuary full time. Volunteering and working with so many of you has been a great experience. I’ve learned so much, and I am really excited to be able to increase my participation in the Sanctuary.

I remember when I decided to get involved with the Sanctuary, about five years ago now. I was a graduate student at the University at Albany and saw Hudson Mohawk Independent Media present “Indy Media in A Time of War.” I signed up for the mailing list and have been coming back ever since.

This year, I’m going to help build the financial stability of the Sanctuary and help ensure its place in the community for many years to come.

We hit the ground running during my first two weeks of service. Doing a live broadcast of the United National Peace Conference in Albany was a great immersion project. We had so many talented people come and work together to produce an event of immense proportions. We had an intense week of work leading up to the broadcast. We built a webpage, created a new brochure, and put all our resources together. It was exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time. I can’t wait till we get to do it again. You can check out our coverage at www.mediasanctuary.tv.

The last week in July I was at a five day orientation training through the AmeriCorps program. I’ve learned about a lot of different community media projects and have a lot great ideas to bring back to the Sanctuary. I met people from Pacifica Radio, Prometheus, and other programs across the country.

I’m very excited about the formal start of my service, but also sad that it meant we had to see Chris and Nicole end their official service. (You guys are always welcome to come back and visit!)

I can’t wait to see what happens this year. We are beginning our sixth season and are looking forward to doing a lot of great work. In September, there will be the WGXC/Prometheus Radio Barn Raising in Hudson. Hopefully, we will get to go and get to help setup another community media project. In a growing environment of corporate media, building a grassroots media movement is becoming more and more important.


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