You can help us cover the entire Capital Region!

The Sanctuary for Independent Media is working with partner organizations that have FCC construction permits to build radio transmitters in Albany and Schenectady. These transmitters would create the opportunity to develop new local content while expanding the reach of WOOC programming throughout the entire Capital Region! 

The cost of each transmitter is $15,000 (Albany + Schenectady = $30,000) and the construction permits expire in January. With the support of people like you, so far we’ve raised $23,175.

Can you donate today to help us bring independent grassroots voices to the airwaves in Albany and Schenectady?

The catch: if we don’t get on the air by January 12th, these construction permits expire and the opportunity to create a regional progressive broadcast radio alternative vanishes with them…

If you’d like to donate, please use the form below or click here.  

If you feel more comfortable sending us a donation by mail, you can send a check or money order to:           

The Sanctuary for Independent Media
PO Box 35, Troy, NY 12181

Help us amplify your voice!