How To Use the Sanctuary Website

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The first and very important part to understand.  Its the basis of how the content you will create is archived and accessed.

Categories are specific to a post type (posts, people power profiles, podcasts, etc..)  

  • This means each kind of post has a different set of categories.
  • Categories can be added, but it is an administrative decision and responsibility.  Please consult the admin team before creating (or deleting) categories.
  • Each category has an ‘archive’ or list of all content in a particular category. (example:  /podcasts page  or /news).  This can be useful both for sorting and linking purposes.

Tags are global.  This means tags can be assigned to content of any post type.

  • Tags affiliate content with a Sanctuary Initiative (ccg, kitchen sanctuary, uptown summer, etc), and must be spelled the same each time.
  • Tags make content show up on the initiative pages, so if they are not used, content will not show up on the initiative pages.

IMPORTANT: In our website protocol, CONTENT CREATORS MAY NOT CREATE NEW TAGS; the creation of a new tag is an admin function that is discussed prior to creation.



Posts are more commonly created.  Every post should get categorized and tagged. Every post should get a featured image

  • Create a standard post for a news item (blog article, weekly update, press article, event recap, etc)    
  • Create a People Power Profile to make a post specifically about a person affiliated with the Sanctuary (volunteer, intern, radio staff, etc.)
  • Create a Podcast for an audio post.
  • Create an Image Gallery Post to make a set of images.
  • Create an Event for something that has a time and date.


 For detailed instructions click here 


It is important to assign a featured image to every post if possible.     It is less likely that a page should get a featured image.

The ‘set featured image’ link is at the bottom right of your editing window.


Image gallery posts are used for the display of image galleries.

Image Gallery Posts are consolidated here:

An Image Gallery Post must have an Image Gallery embedded in it.


In the Dashboard Select:

Image Gallery Posts > Add New

Title the Post the same as the gallery that will be embedded in it

Click on the ‘Add Gallery’ button on top of the text box (this opens up the NextGen gallery plugin)

If making a new NextGen gallery, select ‘Upload Images’ tab

Insert a title to match the name of the Image Gallery Post you made a few steps ago

Click ‘Add Files’ to select images from your computer OR select the ‘ Import from Media Library’ tab  to import images that are already in the site’s media library

Go back to the ‘Insert into Page’ tab, and click ‘Insert Gallery’

This will embed the gallery in the Image Gallery Post

click publish (or update) to save your work.


First of all… EDIT YOUR IMAGES!  There is no need to upload redundant imagery of a given event.

Select the best batch of images, and create a folder on your computer or drive.

Then, follow the instructions for making an Image Gallery above.