COVID-19 Special Coverage

We are extremely grateful to be able to serve our community during this pandemic. Producing hyper-local radio and video coverage of COVID-19 that can’t be found anywhere else is a reminder of how important community media is. None of this programming would be possible without the daily work of a team of volunteers and interns. Thank you to them, and to all of you who are listening.

The Hudson Mohawk Magazine

Our intrepid team of volunteer radio producers are doing an inspiring job of covering the justice and equity aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic that dominant media is not focused on.

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Sanctuary TV

As we always have, we are documenting our continued programming and sharing it publicly for free. Sanctuary TV has more than 35,000 subscribers and more than 12 million views. People from around the planet have been tuning in for more than fifteen years. Check it out!

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