Ice Cream Social and Uptown Summer 15 Goodbyes

 There were no tears only smiles as students and staff said goodbye on the last day of Uptown Summer 2015 over ice cream.

To celebrate a successful session, The Sanctuary staff decided to bring in ice cream from Stewarts and together we enjoyed an ice cream social complete with sprinkles, syrups, bananas, vanilla and chocolate ice cream.

After everyone scooped and served themselves we sat around the picnic table one last time. Prompted by Branda Miller, we shared stories of our favorite times, what we learned and what we will miss.

Amaire said the highlight of his summer was the people, ” I met a lot of great new people.”

“It has been a summer!” Anya ( pictured above) said, “It went by so fast…I’m excited to see where things go from here and how friendships develop. [I am] so proud of everyone.”

Other students described their experiences as “mad fun” and stated they “learned a lot”. Aside from just learning great technical things, like editing, the art of photography, and how to interview, there were many fun times too. One staff member was taught how to twerk from one of the students.


It was truly a journey that we shared together and staff recalled the differences between when the students started their projects from when they finished and saw a lot of growth.

Branda was asked what she thought was “challenging” and she stated: “I was challenged by everyone being so scared to present their voice in their initial pieces but then I was exhilarated as everyone started discovering his or her own voice.”

The resident cook, Jonathan, received a card and gifts from the group and said that he “not only saw a different side of the students as they grew but also saw a different side of the staff and interns.”

Steve Pierce stated that his experience working with everyone has given him “hope for the future” and another volunteer, Sheena, said it was very “exciting to see people – young and old – who were engaged and actually wanted to change their community instead of just sitting at home playing video games.”

Personally, my favorite part was being introduced to all the different programs that are available in the Capital Region and specifically, Troy. From the Farm to Preschool program to the Anti-drug coalition: there is so much going on in the community. People care and that truly is a beautiful thing to not only witness but be involved.

Looking forward to the fall and the Story Harvest as well as the new lo-fi radio station becomes active, but before that there will be one last adventure to Grafton Lake this upcoming Sunday.

Bon voyage! And hopefully we will see you soon at The Sanctuary for Independent Media.  


Alycia Bacon,

The Modern Scribe

for The Sanctuary for Indepedent Media