Uptown Summer 2020 – Media & Design

Uptown Summer 2020 participated in media and design projects as part of their work for the Sanctuary. Lead by Uptown Summer coordinator Jamel Mosely, the youth conducted “brand storming” sessions.

In designing a brand, there are a lot of questions. First and foremost is the question, What are the values? Other questions that were asked are: What is the story? What problem does the brand solve?

In answering these questions, the youth used various media tools. The Sanctuary’s mission of using art and participatory action means that our work is driven by the people in our community space. So before they began their work of developing branding for Health Autonomy Clinic and Nature Lab, they used their artistic talents to produce a visual representation of their brands as individual people. Words the youth used to express their values included expression, inclusion, togetherness, freedom, justice, family, and creativity.

The youth designed the flyer that was used for the Health Autonomy Clinic’s Black August People’s Clinic. In the garden, they used recorders to capture “found sounds” of the Sanctuary’s environmental education campus, which they then mixed in an audio work station. And at the future North Troy Art, Technology, and Urban Research in Ecology (NATURE) Lab site, they led a design charrette to guide the architect on what elements the space should have.