The Impact of The Sanctuary

Four years ago I entered SUNY New Paltz with my major as undecided. My first year in college about every other week I “decided” on a different major. I have always been passionate about bettering underprivileged communities, having loved volunteering with kids living in inner-city Albany as I grew up. I thought what better way to help kids in underprivileged communities then becoming a teacher? After one semester of that I realized teaching was not for me, landed with a media management major but my mission did not change. I wanted there to be a place where I could combine my newfound love for my newly decided on major and my passion for community outreach. Interning here at The Sanctuary for Independent Media for my spring 2017 semester has been an experience like no other I have had before. I realized it is possible to combine those two interests and a nonprofit organization is a great place to do it. My time here I have gotten the opportunity to see just how much The Sanctuary does as well as help out by doing things such as selling old equipment on eBay to help clear out much needed space for the events all the way to learning about grant writing. Watching media, arts, activism and the community all mesh into one has been a uniquely beautiful thing to be a part of. Being in a workplace that supports my passions and beliefs never seemed so important until I came here and saw the supportive and positive effects it has on everyone involved. All four years of college, post grad life was daunting over me until I had the opportunity to intern at The Sanctuary. I now plan to pursue my interests of hiking, camping and traveling while simultaneously continuing to find a way to continue to be an activist and fighting for what I believe in.