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Internships with the Sanctuary offer a unique experience in a nonprofit community media and arts setting, to learn how media, art, and activism intersect to connect and build community.

Check out our latest Youth Media Sanctuary Video Production:

“Echoes from Lock One” is an evocative call for environmental and water justice from the eyes and voices of youth in Troy, NY.

During the Sanctuary’s “Uptown Summer” program, media makers, artists and scientists worked with teens in camera, audio production, script writing, music production, dance, historical research as well as scientific testing, to create this experimental, participatory documentary with a message for change:“

We live along the shores of the Hudson River at the beginning of the Erie Canal, Lock One, the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution. The history of the Erie Canal and the devastating effects of industrialization are mostly unknown… even to the people of Troy, who live right next to it.  Our river and our neighborhood have been poisoned by a legacy of pollution. This is our call to action. For justice and for our future. No more waiting!”