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Jazz Sanctuary from 7-10 PM

Jazz Sanctuary is a wonderful celebration of all that is creative, dedicated to supporting jazz in the Hudson Mohawk region.

Don McKever

Don McKever

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In line with The Sanctuary for Independent Media’s mission, jazz is an outgrowth of the unique African American experience in America.

Call it jazz, bam, improvised creative spontaneous composition, or just plain ol’ “the good kind,” Jazz Sanctuary transcends the individual to cover the spectrum of creative expression in the world of jazz. We have big ears!

Join us for Jazz Sanctuary, weekday evenings 7-10PM, on WOOC 105.3 FM. Click to listen to our online archive!

Jazz Sanctuary DJs include: Susan BrinkMike JurkovicDylan Canterbury, Michael McDonough, Don McKever, Kevin Ray

Are you a jazz lover and interested in becoming a Jazz Sanctuary DJ?
Contact [email protected] for more info.