Event Recap News Workshop Report

July 23rd. Hope in Brown-fields, Nature Wants To Live.

*The first couple hours this morning consisted of a group talk. We all took the time to recognize that we are now at the mid point in Uptown Summer. We talked about our accomplishments, what we hope to achieve in the last ten days, our concerns, and the biggest joys we have. 

*The Youth Change Makers continue digging in the L-Lot. With Oliver, they plant buckwheat and fungus to help draw out toxins from the soil.

*Archaeological talk with Hartgen Archaeological Associates:  To study the people of the past, archaeologist use specific historical sites such as the boat docks and river locations. They study sites by observing features that indicate human life. Artifacts are human altered, or human modified objects. Artifacts go to museums if they are significant findings. In upstate new york we mostly study native americans and colonist. 

*To end the day-Smo0o0otthhiee making and DIY Spectrophotometer with Alex- How to monitor water by using red cabbage juice to test the pH levels in your water. If you mix the red cabbage water with ash water and it turns pink, that means there are chemicals in the water. Or you can make a spectrometer here: