July 25th “What is the point of having a voice if no one is listening?” -Veronica

*Crop mob collard city growers: Botanical Intervention in Collard City Garden The ‘Youth Change Makers’ get done everything that needs to be done in order to plant seeds, water the crops, weed, and prepare for a harvest.

They worked together in order to clean up the garden, separating the edible weeds from the non-edible ones. 

*Azure and Chistian checked on the bees that reside in the back of the L-Lot and are happy to find that they are doing extremely well. They have begun to produce a great deal of propolis, a resinous mixture that honey bees collect from various botanical sources.

*Oliver Kellhammer wraps up his week at the Sanctuary as he continues to teach the children about the theme of the week, Botanical Intervention.

*Today’s lunch was pizza made on fresh bread with pesto!

*Art Table with Azure and Christian: hand-made painted weed identifier signs for the garden. Azure and Christian worked with the youth as the teens reflected on the weed identification workshop from Thursday. Using the information gathered yesterday, the ‘Youth Change Makers’ combine Azure and Christian’s weekly art table with the theme of Botanical Intervention so that the community will be able to correctly identify the different weeds within the garden. 

*Fermentation on Wheels with Tara: Intro to micro-organisms and how to ferment vegetables. Led by Tara Whitsitt, Fermentation on Wheels is a traveling culinary research hub with a mission to harvest & preserve, encourage sustainability, and teach fermentation.

In her workshop, Tara taught the teens about the different foods that she ferments on the bus. The ‘Youth Change Makers’ really seemed to enjoy this workshop as they were allowed to expand their culinary horizons by trying new healthy and delicious fermented foods. 


The third group went out with Atif and walked around the North Troy community and the blocks surrounding the Sanctuary. The youth led Atif around to show him both the places that are significant to the community as a whole, as well as places that are specifically important to them. Atif used a GPS app to record all of these locations so that the teens will be able to make a map.