July 30th – “Places hold a collective memory"

*Mapping Dialogue: Artist and Poet Cara Benson from the Millay Colony for the Arts from week one of Uptown Summer returned today to work with the ‘Youth Change Makers’ on how to construct a poem that consist of only memories.

They start by choosing a “seed” from the word bank even if that was not their word they put in the bank. That seed will be planted in a poem about a memory that comes to mind from that blindly chosen word.

The teens proceeded to choose their favorite dialogue from the poem they constructed and write it on a map on the location that was associated with that memory. 

*RPI Chef Jackie Baldwin made eggplant parmesan for lunch today with ingredients from a local farm and her personal garden.  Thanks for the hook-up, Chef’s Consortium!

*The youth change Makers spent the afternoon walking around the neighborhood mapping places of violence. They interviewed people asking them about their own personal experiences of violence in the neighborhood and they mapped their own personal memories of violence. 

*Presentations: One group presented their violence map and all the different kinds of violence that happens in this area: police, domestic, gang related. Another group informed everyone about the dangers of asthma and what causes it.

The demolition of buildings in North Troy has caused an abundance of mold and dust molecules to fill the air which causes asthma. The last group researched global warming and how it has and will continue to impact our community.