Underground gallery shows

"Kids Farm Photography"

The Spring ’13 Underground Gallery exhibit at the Sanctuary is a partnership of Agricultural Stewardship Association, Soul Fire Farm and Capital District Community Garden.


Agricultural Stewardship Association (ASA) is a non-profit, community-supported land trust founded by local farmers and citizens to strengthen the region’s vitally important agricultural economy and save farmland in Washington and Rensselaer counties from development. Since 1990, when it started as an all-volunteer organization, ASA has grown into a nationally respected, professionally staffed land trust that has helped to save nearly 15,000 acres of farm and forestland. ASA is accredited by the Land Trust Alliance — a distinction awarded only to groups that adhere to the highest professional land trust standards and practices.

Agricultural Stewardship Association mission is to protect our community’s working landscape of farms and forests, connect people to the land, and promote a vibrant future for agriculture in the region.

Capital District Community Garden’s “Produce Project” is an urban farm which offers stipends, school credit and a harvest share to youth from Troy High School in exchange for tending crops and selling them to local markets and restaurants. Last fall, the youth had the opportunity to take photography classes on their farm and Soul Fire Farm in Grafton. Their images in this exhibit are the fruits of their labor and creativity!