News Workshop Report

Last days of Production 4/12/11




Today’s Class was exciting- lots of activity, very productive. The highlight of the class for me was when Corey’s group shot their special effects- the smashed bowl was fantastic! The students definitely enjoyed creating the artistic and symbolic aspects of their video. (Coolidge)


These students are deeply into their video projects.  They’ve focused mainly on interviews and content. Now in their final phase of postproduction, they are taking the position of artists, considering symbolic imagery and sound, which can reinforce and reflect up the core content of their work. They are excited, bright and creative, an awesome group! (Branda)

One of the last days of production for the 5 small crews here.  The productions groups are ware of this and everyone is working hard to get the shots they need and it seems they have entered a point where they’re getting ‘hungry’ for the shot.  Literally.  There was a point when a student stopped a passerby, and within moments, had them acting in a scene.  It’s great to see this type of behavior.  These types of competitive skills are needed to survive in today’s industry.  This project is truly a positive growing and learning tool that is revolutionary in that, it is enabling the students to think about visual media as an evolving medium that directly reflects the effort invested. (Timothy)