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Last Week Today

Hey all! I finished my first full week as an intern! Let’s overview some of the things that I did this past week as an intern. 

Tuesday: First day offically. Me and Branda talked about what my goals are as an intern which are learning about non-profit management, event coordinating, and video production. We decided that I will be helping with the coordination of the upcoming events Oumar Konate, Freedom Festival and Uptown Summer, and any other workshop or event that is happening in the next month and a half. I also looked through all the external hard drives and labeled them with sticky notes, for the content inside. I never got a chance to finish editing my tree video because we couldn’t find the footage Kathy got, so hopefully we can find it and I can complete it soon!

Wednesday: Wednesday was a little more exciting and productive. I uploaded new photos (taken by yours truely) to the website, updated event pages on the website, and completed my internship profile! I also collaborated with Branda a bit to figure out what we need to do for Freedom Festival and talked about workshops available for Uptown Summer. The interns also made an INTERN BOARD! This is so we know exactly what we need to do for the day/week/ month. At the end of the day I cleaned up the working space a bit by organizing some boxes, cleaning off an old white board, and sweeping! Around here, we do it all =].

Thursday: This day was spent walking around the wonderful little city Saratoga Springs. I went into any stores/buildings that I thought would let me post or just lay out flyers for the upcoming event Oumar Konate, as well as brochures for the Sanctuary. Some of the places I did this were music/instrument stores, the library, art/craft stores, and outdoor community boards. This was a challenge because I had to talk to all of the store managers/worker in charge to develop a short relationship so that I could get them to allow me to post the flyers!

Friday: Friday was a busy day. I first went into another little city called Ballston Spa; This place is awesome because everyone is super friendly and they have a bunch of stores that support independent art/sustainablility/organic. I was able to hang up flyers in an organic garden store, a free-trade shop, a fabric store, a community art gallery, and the library! I then headed over to the Sanctuary in Troy to take some pictures of the awesome people who showed up to work on the garden to install wooden posts for the fence! This required a lot of digging, pounding, scooping, and sweating! I also walked up and down the main street to pass out flyers and talk to the people on the street about our upcoming events. This was a little nerve racking because people were very intimidating on the street and when you first approach them, they seemed wary that I was trying to sell them something or make them do something. They ended up being receptive to my promoting Oumar Konate and the Sanctuary for Independent Media! I also found that some of the people were into performing and might be interested in doing something with the Sanctuary. As I walked through the community I was amazed at how many abandoned and boarded up houses there were. A lot of these houses are big and beautiful, and I wish something could be done to refurbish them because they have so much potential to make the community look better and get more people to buy/rent houses here!