Lawn (Re)Disturbance Laboratory Sound Walk

What kind of biodiversity can lawn ecosystems support? This fall, Lawn Lab offers a meditative audio tour for slowing down and tuning in to the urban rewilding taking place at the lawn next door to Media Sanctuary’s Collard City Growers.

The twenty minute audio tour guides you through simple activities for engaging with Lawn Lab’s six experimental plots before they go dormant for the winter. What was here before? What might be here in the future? How should humans—you, me, this community?—shape the urban habitat?

The Lawn (Re)Disturbance Laboratory (aka Lawn Lab) is a public art and science experiment designed by Ellie Irons and the Next Epoch Seed Library. It is part of NATURE Lab’s “(environmental education campus)” and Ellie’s PhD research in ecosocial art and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

You can learn more about the benefits and risks of wild urban nature in this short article: “Accidental urban oases,” and more about Lawn Lab and ecosocial art in this media essay: “A Public Experiment in Collaboration with Seeds, Time, and Weeds”