News Reflections

Let's Get Nautical

Ahoy reader of my words,

Welcome to the Sanctuary world at the conclusion of my second week here.

During the week, I worked on the media distribution list for the free jazz project, watched another jazz video, and installed lights in the gallery upstairs.

Thursday was our second ‘Kiss My Edit’ lab. Brenda Ann Kenneally (the international award-winning photo journalist) showed up this week and I got to see the weird chemistry/energy that sparks between her and Branda. We read snippets out of ‘In the Blink of an Eye’ about the importance of cuts and Branda told us stories from when she worked in Hollywood (‘Storytime With Branda’). We then went through a Final Cut Pro manual because Branda didn’t want us to feel like we were being brainwashed into learning it her way.

Saturday night was the first event of the season. Firstly we aired the film ‘Where Are You Go’ which was about the Tour de Afrique – where people cycled from cairo to capetown over a four month period. The cinematography was so brilliant and the whole time watching it, I kept thinking ‘I wish my parents were here to see this’ because they froth at the mouth over cycling/ go on tours in Australia all the time.

After the film, three bands played – Charlie Don’t Surf, My Survival Kit and The Resty’s and I got to be on Camera 2 filming them – even though I’m a complete film-virgin! I had my own headset, where Branda would instruct me about zooming in and out/ the focus etc.

The bands were amazing. I especially liked My Survival Kit because they were the weirdest, and I’m bias when it comes to weird. They were all dressed up in nautical/crazy Gulligan’s Island theme – the drummer Chris Harvey was in a gorilla suit, the keyboard player Chris Skinner was dressed in a fluoro green transvestite looking mini dress, Vicky (the singer/percussionist) was wearing a sailor dress and Andrew (the guitarist/singer) was wearing stripes and a boat hat. It was their first ever gig, and they put a spell on the audience, turning them all into dancing gumby’s. People were doing irish dancing, the cha-cha, the twist, and just generally getting their boogy on.

After the bands played, everyone mingled, and then we went downstairs to watch the video of My Survival Kit playing and drank the leftover wine from the night. Vicky, Andrew and Chris were laughing and awkwardly cringing at themselves.

All in all, the night was a great kick off to the season.

Over n’ out,