Lights, Camera, Interview!

November 10, 2010

Hey, this is Kayleara coming at you with the blog today! Yesterday we had lots of fun learning about the studio interview set-up. Andrew taught us how to set up the lighting, the different mics (lavalier and shotgun), the XLR cables, and we each took turns on the camera filming and being interviewed in the hot seat. We learned about the white balance on the camera and when and how to use it. We also decorated our background with markers, ribbons, and polka-dotted elephants! We had an awesome time!

Studio interview set-up


Our reflections from today’s workshop:

Kayleara on the camera


Kayleara:  “Today I learned about interviewing and lighting. I also learned about different kinds of microphones to use during interviews. I feel smarter and I’m excited that I’m learning interviewing skills, lighting, and how to set up a camera. I never knew learning was so much fun <3.”


Jonathan working the camera






Jonathan:  “Today I learned about lighting and interviewing criteria. To me this stuff is interesting and makes me explore parts of my mind that are unused. Their stuff always seemed very tricky, but today I learned the process is actually very easy.”




Antonio holding Foo




Antonio:  “I learned a little bit about lighting. Normally it seems like an annoying thing to do, but the lighting is easy in a way. I think I’ll probably have fun with the lighting and interviews.”



Madena smiling and interviewed by Chelsea




Madena:   “Today I had a lot of fun! I also feel like I’m learning everyone’s personal story. I learned about lighting and I learned about different microphones and cables.”


Diana being interviewed in hot seat



Diana:  “Today we focused a lot on interviewing, such as how to interview a person and what type of questions work best when you are interviewing someone. We also learned about lighting and how to go about different shots during an interview. Today was an interesting day. I learned a lot of new things that can and will be very beneficial on my part.”

Denise:   “Today we learned about the camera. We also did a little interviewing. Also I think it’s fun and I can’t wait ‘til tomorrow!”

Chelsea:  “Today we reviewed aspects of studio production. We discussed lighting, the different microphones, white balance, and interviewing techniques. The individual skills each one of us brings to the table all works well together. I’m super excited to get this rolling. My favorite thing is interviewing!”


…and we had guest guidance from Ira, a local filmmaker, producer, and activist:

Ira posing as YMS participants reflect



Ira:   “I have hope that the youth of today will show their views through film and shine the light on the things that need to be addressed.”




Stay tuned for an update from the workshop session on scriptwriting and storyboarding!