Live Stream

On Tuesday 3/3 at 7 PM we welcome one of the world’s most controversial climate activists, Roger Hallam (co-founder of Extinction Rebellion), into the Sanctuary… thanks to the magic of the Internet.

Unfortunately, Roger ran into last minute problems leaving England and entering the United States. His appearance here will of necessity be electronic, via Skype.

Roger is excited that this event is going on despite the challenges he’s confronting!

In his new book, Common Sense for the 21st Century: Only Nonviolent Rebellion Can Now Stop Climate Breakdown and Social Collapse, Roger Hallam outlines how movements around the world need to come together now to start doing what works: engaging in mass civil disobedience to make real change happen. Inspired by Thomas Paine, the pragmatic 18th-century revolutionary whose pamphlet Common Sense sparked the American Revolution, Common Sense for the 21st Century urges us to confront the truth about climate change.

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