“As long as I can communicate I can create. As long as I can create, I am free.”-Lewis Hill

-The Youth Change Makers start the morning watching videos and learn video making techniques such as juxtaposing, showing conflicting scenes, and back and fourth perspectives to illustrate a point stylistically. 



-We reflect on last week and discuss some of our favorite things we did such as working in the garden, the poetry workshop, making the needle point samplers, creative tee shirt making, The River Keeper, documenting our houses, and mapping the neighborhood.  



Together we painted the front facade of The Sanctuary for Independent Media, led by Troy Alley Action’s Barb Nelson. 

We started by painting the base color in a fade of earthy tones. It will soon be a mural of the Tree Of Life.


-Lunch today made by Azure and Christian: Zucchini casserole, cucumber carrot top tzatziki yogurt and pita, spicy Korean cucumbers, zeke zuke bread, and carrot spice muffins. 


-The Youth Change Makers pick quotes from inspirational leaders such as Ghandi, Bob Marley, and LeBron James. These quotes will be painted on The Sanctuary’s front facade to represent The Sanctuary for Independent Media and what we do here.



-The chosen quotes are hand painted on banners to hang up around the neighborhood spreading inspiration to everyone!