March 9th YMS Reflections

Here is what everyone said after our first session!


This is my first time back at the sanctuary since the last YMS group. It feels so good to be here because it has become apart of me. The experience, the skills, friends, fun, happiness, and memories that I gathered from YMS I will take with  me my whole life. I’m just torn apart in a sticky situation right now because I made a commitment to a family that relies on me to babysit for them, and it just so happens it’s only on wednesdays when YMS takes place. ME and babies I babysit have grown very close and I feel as though it is one of my main priorities and responsibilities to babysit them besides the fact that I’m broke and they pay good money. But the Sanctuary For Independent Media is where my heart is. It is something that will highly benefit my future and help me through college after I graduate. Besides having amazing long term benefits from attending YMS, it just makes me feel really happy, and being able to connect with others and make art makes me feel one with myself. So I don’t know what to do and it hurts me inside… Do I keep babysitting or do I remain apart of YMS?

Today when I watched these videos, I got a true concept of what this is all about. The messages each video were powerful, yet subtle, and I think those kinds of messages are the most effective.  Sadness, happiness, rejection, or whatever it might be, each has so many different stories, and the way that story is told so subtlety is most important.  There’s so many ideas I have floating around in my mind, and I’d love to say something without words.  Today showed me different aspects of a person’s story, and I really felt the intensity of it all.  The way emotions are brought up in just one picture is amazing.  I can’t wait to express these feelings I have locked away; the best part is that I show the feelings, not say them… Sometimes silence is more powerful than any words: and I’m willing to show that to people!

Today we went over ideas for the first project.  I think that my group came up with a great concept that I think will resonate with the viewers.  I am really anxious to begin the project I have a really good feeling about it.  Everyday these kids impress me more and more. Live great

Got a little off track today , but positivity still reigns supreme.  Some of the newer participants didn’t want to or had trouble opening up. Either way they’ll come around and we’ll keep moving forward.

Today I was put in a group to come up with an idea for a one minute video that cannot have sound and we also have to edit in the camera. My group came up with the concept of treating nature like you would treat your home.

I really love having a place where I can expend all my creative energies.  I love having this opportunity to be part of something important.  Watching the videos that other youth media kids created made me really excited to start filming.  Being a photography person I notice that I tend to pay a lot of attention to things like camera angles, framing, and depth of field, which made me realize that my background in photography can help me a lot here.  Generally, I am not a very social person, but I like that being here slowly pushes me out of my bubble.