NATURE Lab Open Hours: Lawn Lab!

Establishing a test plot at Freedom Square (photo by Luke Bateman)

The Sanctuary’s NATURE Lab is hosting a project by PhD student and NATURE Lab volunteer Ellie Irons called Lawn (Re)Disturbance Laboratory. One study site for the project is at Freedom Square, where Irons and workshop participants removed a square of lawn to see what plants would sprout in its place. The site got a makeover last week, so stop by and take a look to see what’s growing in the 1 x 1 meter square of bare earth! You can read more about the project here. You can here Ellie talk about a related project, the Next Epoch Seed Library, in this WOOC segment. Below, photos of soil sampling & plant surveying with NATURE Lab summer intern Maya Sandem (at the Ingalls Avenue brownfield), and soil seed bank tests underway inside NATURE Lab. Come by and visit us Tuesdays 4-6 pm at open hours at 3334 6th Ave!

Soil sampling at Ingalls Ave Brownfield: the view from President’s street into Ingalls Ave brownfield
Hole from the soil auger, surrounded by yellow sweet clover
Black medic at Ingalls Avenue Brownfield
Yellow sweet clover at Ingalls Avenue Brownfield
Bird’s foot trefoil at Ingalls Avenue Brownfield
white clover at at Ingalls Avenue Brownfield
Indoor soil seed bank germination tests at NATURE Lab
Soil from RPI approach (indoor soil seed bank germination tests at NATURE Lab)
South Troy lawn soil sample (indoor soil seed bank germination tests at NATURE Lab)