NATURE Lab Open Hours

4-6 pm every Tuesday, October 24 – June 5
NATURE Lab Gallery, 3334 6th Ave.

This fall, stop by the NATURE (North Troy Art, Technology and Urban Research in Ecology) Lab Gallery on Tuesday afternoons for art viewing, conversation, and an assortment of science, art and urban ecology activities. Whether you just want to take in the exhibit, pick up a plant identification guide, or get hands-on bio-mapping the area, packaging some seeds or coloring postcards using plant-based ink, our doors are open to you!

Botanical pigments process

Open Hours are an opportunity to share your experience of nature in North Troy. What part of our urban ecosystem caught your eye this week? What do you love? What could you live without? NATURE Lab is partnering with a range of collaborators (from artists and scientists to farmers, community volunteers and students) in an effort to better understand the environmental challenges we face in our shared urban habitat. Your contribution can help us further our mission of environmental remediation through education, resource access, and inspiration! This season’s Open Hours are hosted by artist-naturalist Ellie Irons of the Next Epoch Seed Library and Environmental Performance Agency, and a rotating selection of artists, researchers and other community members.