Negligent Landlords in Troy: a four-part radio series with Angelo Domingo

Angelo Domingo, Uptown Summer youth employee, looked into the pervasive issue of negligent landlords in Troy. He went above and beyond the expectations of the program, producing not just one story, but a four-part radio series highlighting the issue!






Part 1: Negligent Landlord Survey

After preliminary research, Angelo was unsatisfied with the available data on negligent landlords in Troy. So, he decided to collect his own data. He put together an online survey and circulated it on social media. In part one he describes his process and the results he uncovered. You can take the survey and review the results here.

Some of the results from Angelo’s survey


Part 2: Online Resources for Tenants

Angelo reviews an online resource for reviewing landlords and overviews 7 tips for dealing with negligent landlords.


Part 3: Erin Reale of United Tenants of Albany

Angelo sat down with Erin Reale, executive director of United Tenants of Albany. They discuss the strain that dealing with negligent landlords can place on low-income households.





Part 4: Hilary Lamishaw of TRIP

Angelo invited Hilary Lamishaw, Director of Community Development at Troy Rehabilitation and Improvement Program, Inc., into the studio. They discussed the work that TRIP does in the community and what young people can do to help combat the issue of negligent landlords.