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A New Day, A New Video!

Do you like the title to my blog post? It’s funny because it implies that I post a new video here every day, and the precedent I’m setting today is that I actually only post one every nine weeks. But now I’m back! From Niskayuna! And I drove here today, as is my custom! That’s correct, I have passed my driver’s exam and can now pilot a vehicle all the way to the Sanctuary and back: I have the technology.

The first week or so of having your driver’s license is a fantastic time. Everybody makes sure to compliment you and acts very impressed the first time you drive by them. But eventually, people get used to it and just act pissed because you weren’t on time when you gave them a ride. I really wish people never got used to the fact that I can drive, that my whole life was filled with people saying to me, “Wow! Chris! Look at you, driving!” or “What a parallel park! And he’s only been driving twelve years!” or “Thanks so much for the ride, Dad! You’re a really great driver!” I feel the same way about my comprehension of basic algebra, my ability to tie my own shoes, and the fact that I can make my own PB&Js.

Look at me, going on and on about myself. You don’t want to read this. You want to WATCH this, in my newest Santuary video! I spent Friday, April 10th, interviewing all the different Sanctuary drones about their projects for the day. If you love interviews with interesting people but are sick of interviewers who can articulate their thoughts without mumbling and don’t wave the camera around like they’re having a seizure, this is the video for you. Check it:

Anyway, my internship at the Sanctuary is going awesome, not that you asked. Or maybe you did and I just didn’t hear you. I’m sorry. It’s not that I wasn’t listening, it’s just that I was probably really really far away when you asked, and I just didn’t know. I’ll listen harder next time.

Have a good one!