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New Music to my Ears: Myra Melford and Ben Goldberg Duo

Myra Melford and Ben Goldberg held a concert at the Sanctuary for Independent Media from 7pm-9pm on November 16, 2014. Pianists Myra Melford and clarinetist Ben Goldberg create music that is pleasing, superlative, and experimental. Avid jazz fans from the Capital District attended the concert to see the duo perform. Myra and Ben treated guest to a world class musical performance.  

Myra Melford was born in Chicago. She has performed for over a decade, playing at world class concert halls around the world. Myra is Guggenheim Fellow and has received several awards for the sound she creates through her compositions. Her musical inspiration derives from cultural and spiritual traditions and artistic traditions. She is currently a professor at UC Berkeley’s Department of Music.

Ben Goldberg grew up in Denver Colorado. He started playing music at a young age, which continued through college. He studied music with world renowned clarinetists such as Rosario Mazzeo. Ben Goldberg’s music stemmed from his curiosity in blending styles such as klezmer music and jazz. Ben Goldberg, like Myra Melford has received many honors awards for his compositions. Awards and honors include a grant from Chamber Music America / French American Cultural Exchange and commission from the San Francisco Friends of Chamber music to work on new compositions.

The concert was a spectacle that was enlightening. The music played that night was something I’ve never heard before. Their songs were a blend of classical and soulful jazz. It was hard not to get lost in the music. Each song had a powerful message and unique sound that created a vivid imagery. They performed covers of songs and songs they created a day ago.

Once the concert was over, Ben Goldberg and Myra Melford talked to attendees. One attendee talked to Ben Goldberg about the clarinet and his techniques for playing. Others went to Myra to thank her for the performance. It was really cool to see world class performers be down to earth and talk to people on a personal level. This is one of many encounters attendees have with performers. The Sanctuary for Independent Media hosts jazz artist Jaimeo Brown on December 6, 2014 from 7pm-9pm.