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Oumar Konate Post Concert

Oumar Konate and his band shredded the stage on Friday night! A crowd of people gathered inside of the Media Sanctuary to witness a great performance. The volume of the concert was booming, allowing everyone around the block to hear what was going on inside of the Sanctuary. The combination of the ample volume and the great rhythm that was coming from Oumar and his band created an amazing atmosphere for everyone in attendance.

The reason why Oumar was so entertaining was due to the fact that he had so many different styles to each one of his songs. On some songs he would go soft on the vocals while steadily strumming the guitar while on others the pace would pick up as he aggressively rang out his vocals and played the guitar with excellent accuracy. 

The part that made the entire show so thrilling was the crowd’s involvement. Everyone in the crowd was feeling the vibes that Oumar and his band provided. The majority of the people in the crowd were standing and dancing during the show. If they weren’t standing and dancing they were moving and grooving in their chairs. Even if you didn’t want to dance it was difficult to resist the rhythm and the urge to bust a move.

A pivotal moment of the show was after Oumar played a very slow song that had to do with stopping violence. After the song was over he took a moment to speak to the crowd directly. As his stage manager, Chris, translated the overarching message which was: Put the guns down and spread the love through the power of music. 

The love was most definitely spread through his terrific rhythm and excellent use of musical instruments. Oumar played guitar and sang vocals, while his two other band members played guitar and drums. This concert provided great entertainment and a terrific atmosphere for the people of North Troy and Media Sanctuary.  Good job Oumar and company!