Peace of Mind

So  I love life.  I think it is wonderful to be part of this world.  I think there are many reasons that I am in love with living is that I keep focused on the positives in life.  So I have taught my environment to be nice to me.  This includes facebook as well!  Only positive feeds, genuine human interest stories, social advocacy, and all the good news around us.  I have told people that we hypnotize ourselves with our own language, with media, with people we choose to have around us.  I don’t watch the news that repeats the same stories over and over again, with disturbing images.  I don’t live under a rock either though.  So I know what is going on in the world but I am not bombarded by constant negativity.  I also don’t get the visuals, which can be traumatic.

Hypnotize your brain your way.  Find all the Peace, and Love happening all around the world.  It is there!  Like this picture I took yesterday morning.  Got up early and the sun greeted me like this!

early morning