Peacestock 2014

Everyone experiences emotions such as stress, anxiety, and frustration. Emotions are caused by a variety of factors, like having a bad day at work or school. Emotions may be overwhelming and difficult to cope with at times. Many doctors are resorting to medication. Over medication is an increasing epidemic in the United States. People may consume more than one medication in a day for the same disease or illness. Today doctors are prescribing multiple medications for an illness. Prescribed medications can have detrimental effects on our body. A diabetes medication may alleviate some symptoms, but cause side effects such as drowsiness and nausea. Too many people are medicated for something that can be fixed by a simple change in lifestyle. Simple activities include physical exercise, meditating, reading a book, filming a short video, drawing, or listening to and playing music. Some people prefer alternative forms of coping with emotions because they are much healthier for us.

Claudia Israel, a health worker at a local hospital in Troy developed Peacestock. Peacestock took place on September 27th at Freedom Square. The event focused on methods for dealing with emotions through art, music, and meditation. The goal of Peacestock is to help people reach a state of inner peace through these alternative methods. The most important thing to remember is to find something that allows you to express who you are.  In the end, you will reach inner peace.

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