The Bread and Puppet Theater

The Bread and Puppet Theater celebrates their 50th Anniversary with performances from classic shows including “King Story,” an early anti-war piece which was originally performed in 1967, “President and Chair,” created in 1992 that pokes fun at presidents, election campaigns and puppet shows, “The Foot,” originally performed in the march and rally in New York City in 1982 where people demonstrated against nuclear weapons, and “A Man Says Goodbye To His Mother,” created during the Vietnam War era.

The Bread and Puppet Theater was founded in 1963 on New York City’s Lower East Side, with the belief in puppet theater as a wholesome and powerful language that can touch men and women and children alike. The concerns of the first productions were rents, rats, police, and other problems of the neighborhood. More complex theater pieces followed, in which sculpture, music, dance and language were equal partners–during the Vietnam War, block-long processions and pageants involved hundreds of people. Now based on a farm in Glover in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, Bread and Puppet is one of the oldest, nonprofit, self-supporting theatrical companies in the country.

The Bread and Puppet Theater has performed at the Sanctuary for Independent Media two times so far, and we plan on keeping up with this tradition. The organization is witty and interesting and fun for all!