Claudia Israel

Claudia came to the Sanctuary in July of 2014.  She was looking for a place to a host a music festival called “Peacestock”.  She was directed here by fellow Sanctuarian, Troy Pohl who suggested she use Freedom Square.  She decided to have the festival here.  She offered music, poetry, yoga, henna tattoos, and all was free.  She gave away t-shirts, and raffled off a guitar.  There was a BBQ as well.  She then decided she wanted to stay! 

Claudia is a social worker and works full time at Samaritan Hospital.  She offers services for mental health and addiction treatment to the community.  She also invested in this community, and creating peace of mind through teaching meditation.  Claudia runs a website dedicated to suicide prevention called   She is also part of an acoustic duo called Got Peace with her friend and guitatrist Andrew Wheeler.  They offer live journeys with acoustic guitar and spoken word to help guide people to a peaceful place.

Claudia is now our Volunteer Coordinator.  She has brought in people to help in all different areas of the Sanctuary, and is continually recruiting!