Food Not Bombs

Food Not Bombs recovers and shares free vegan and vegetarian food with the public without restrictions to protest war, poverty, and the destruction of the environment. With local chapters in over 1,000 cities, each group invites everyone to participate in making decisions using the consensus process. The organizations dedicates themselves to taking a nonviolent direct action to change society so no one is forced to stand in line at a soup kitchen, expressing a commitment to the fact that food is a right, not a privilege! Since there is over a billion people going hungry around the world, Food Not Bombs wants to make sure we don’t waste another dollar on war!  Food Not Bombs collaborated with The Sanctuary for Independent Media in their Uptown Summer 2013 “Found Food Wenesdays.”  The “Found Food Wednesday” lunches were made largely from perfectly healthy, sanitary, and delicious food that would otherwise be thrown away into landfill.