Hazelle Lerum

hazelle lerum science NATURE Lab

Hazelle Lerum (she/her) is a student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute pursuing a B.S. in Science, Technology & Society with a minor in Biology. She has had many roles at the Sanctuary during her time in Troy–participant observer, fundraiser, volunteer, and, most recently, NATURE Lab Intern. Her passions range from citizen science and science communication to LGBT+ justice, natural building, and creative writing. She is particularly interested in the ways that art can be used to communicate scientific concepts to the public.

Hazelle contributes primarily to the Sanctuary through her copywriting and education outreach skills.  You can follow her journey as a poet and researcher at @hazelle_lerum on Twitter.

Hazelle Lerum soil sampling for NATURE Lab with Ellie Irons and Angel
Hazelle and Angel sample soil at Freedom Square for Ellie Irons Lawn ReDisturbance Laboratory, April 17 2018