Ian Romaker


Ian is a Junior at Syracuse University who is pursuing the opportunity to better himself through the Sanctuary for Independent Media. He is responsible for the social networking, community outreach, contributing to the blogosphere and everything that has to do with making people aware of the Sanctuary and its efforts. 

He is on the team of Sanctuary members dedicated to indepedent media, art, and most importantly community involvement. Through the efforts of Ian and his peers, The Sanctuary for Independent Media hopes to have an impact on the community within North Troy by transforming abandoned lots and buildings into projects that can be productively used for happenings such as gardens, hospitable settings and office space. As well as hosting different musical acts and performances to create awareness and a sense of unity in the community.

Overall, the main goal that Ian has set out for himself as an intern at the Media Sanctuary is to gain necessary experience pertaining to aspects of politics, art, media, democracy and community.