Jonah Vitale-Wolff

Jonah Vitale-Wolff is a member of the Soul Fire Farm and was a coordinator of “Food Justice Thursdays” during Uptown Summer ’13. He helped the community through a journey of concious, healthful, and inspirational eating throughout the summer at The Sanctuary. Jonah has interned at Live Power Farm in California and worked at various farms throughout New Zealand, Spain, and Central America through the WWOOF program (World Wid Opportunites on Organic Farms). Jonah coordinated the city-wide community gardens program in Worcester, MA with the Regional Environmental Council, and later started their Youth Growth. Jonah now runs the Hudson Valley Natural Building, a natural building and education business.

Soul Fire Farm is an organic, fair trade, family farm that produces healthy eggs, produce, and meats for diverse communities. The Soul Fire Farm is a place for different people throughout the community to learn and share skills on farming and forestry, and contribute ideas towards justice and sustainability.