Juliette Brown

This is Joules! One of the Canadian interns at the Sanctuary for the 2019 summer. Currently finishing up her BFA at Concordia University in Montreal, Joules was attracted to the sanctuary for the myriad of mediums available! Her past work includes multi-sensory installations, paintings, original songs and performance. She is interested in the self-sustaining practices taught by Collar City Growers, sound production and editing, participatory action and community art making. Her work always includes an aspect of vulnerability – with her practice, she wishes to share the healing power of art making with the community of Troy. She believes that having the space to express oneself is one of the most highly underrated gifts. Being a multi-modal artist herself, the Sanctuary truly provides an independent platform for creative expression. You can learn more about Joules and view her work at juliettedominiquebrown.weebly.com