KitchenSanctuary – Who We Are

Ellie Markovitch captures reflections on the roles of food in our lives, the impact of food on community, and explore people’s relationships with cooking and eating. She carries a camera and recipes with her at all times—the tools she uses to communicate with, and build community.  Multimedia Storyteller Ellie Markovitch conceived StoryHarvest, and produces and curates the KitchenSanctuary cooking series featuring “Neighborhood Chef ” and“DIY Snackshops.” Check out Ellie’s “StoryCooking” website!

Nancy Weber is a gleaner, artist and the Volunteer Coordinator at the Sanctuary.   She creates sculpture and installations from found natural elements that many would consider worthless or at best, simply compostable.  Nancy also loves to make kitchen magic.  She sees preparing food as another way to make art with the Earth, with the added bonus that the results offer nourishment for the body as well as the spirit.  As someone who once struggled in her relationship with food and her body, Nancy is interested in creating opportunities to develop healthy and playful connections with food. What better place for this exploration than Kitchen Sanctuary!

Anna Loughlin 

Johnathan Segol

Laurie S


Youth Media Sanctuary:

Youth Media Sanctuary (YMS) is a community media arts peer-training project, designed to teach multimedia skills to young people in North Troy, NY, and to help develop urgently needed independent local voices in our economically devastated neighborhood. During the summer of ’12, they produced “DIY Snackshop” and “Neighborhood Chef,” two series dedicated to teaching nutricious cooking on a budget. Check these videos out for healthy cooking tips!