Marcus Kwame Anderson

Marcus Kwame Anderson, born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1976, moved to Albany, NY at 2 years old. He loves creativity, music, life, love, happiness, and freedom of expression, all of which has helped him create art for as long as he can remember. Much of his art is a representation of the beauty and diversity of the African Diaspora. Anderson believes that art is a powerful vehicle for change, and as an artist it is his job to use his talent for that purpose. “I have a lot to say and art is how I’m most comfortable communicating.”

Anderson led the project of the mural art workshop with School 1 and Troy Alley Action, all of which was documented by Media Alliance Producions in the video “Art and Action.” Through this workshop, Marcus Kwame Anderson painted a mural on a building in the neighborhood of the Sanctuary for Independent Media, and involved the community to make something beautiful for themselves and their surroundings.