Nine Mile Farm

The Nine Mile Farm has been a family-friendly farm in Delmar since 1964. They specialize in nutrient-dense, organically grown vegetable. They feature hundreds of heiroom varieies, plentiful and delicious greens, and great cooking ideas. The Nine Mile Farm has been using agricultural practices consistent with the best practices for organic certification for over 20 years. Their heirloom varieties taste great and they add whatever minerals are needed for the most nutrient-dense vegetables possible. They use deep mulches, companion cropping, and natural pest controls and avoid using herbicides or pesticides. They eat their edible weeds and hope their visitors enjoy them as much as they do! The Nine Mile Farm donate many vegetables to the Sanctuary for Independent Media and help us donate those to the community surrounding us during events such as StoryHarvest and “Food Forest Fridays” during uptown summer!