Rebekka McDonough

Rebekka is a recent graduate from Rowan University, gaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication studies. The Sanctuary has set up an internship that caters to things she is most interested and skilled in. She is responsible for event coordination, video production, photography, website and social media updates, and promotion. Her first experience with a Sanctuary event was documenting, with video and still photography, the tree planting in Freedom Square. With this she put together and edited a video to show the wonderful experience and amount of community support.  Rebekka was also part of the video production and live documentation of the ” The Throwaways” screening event at the Sanctuary. She will be coordinating events coming up like the Freedom Festival, and Uptown Summer. Part of her coordination job is to contact people for specific information pertaining to workshops and events, writing summaries and updating event web pages, setting up and taking down event areas, and bringing awareness to the events through social media and face-to-face promotion. 

P.S. Rebekka is a board game enthusiast and is always trying to recruit people for board game nights!