Sax Soup Poetry and Voice

This show is available online here (click on individual tracks at right) and on DVD directly from Downtown Music Gallery.

Nicole Peyrafitte


Nicole Peyrafitte is a Pyrenean-born performance artist who sings, paints, films, writes, and cooks.  Her eclectic heritage allows her to perform songs that range from French cabaret to jazz standards and contemporary poetry.  Her voice is frequently heard being integrated into multimedia staging based on her visuals and writings.  Her performances usually involve the onstage preparation and cooking of a dish that she shares with her audience. 


Her work shows her experiences of combining her identity between two continents and four different languages.  Her more recent performances have been The Bi-Continental Chowder/La Garbure Transcontinentale and Augustus Saint Gaudens’ return to the Fatherland.  She has performed in the US and in Europe and often collaborates with bassist Mike Bisio.


Joe Giardullo

Born in Brooklyn and raised in Long Island, Joe grew up listening to R&B music and playing tenor sax in club and regional bands.  He moved to the Woodstock area in the 1960s because it was a rich environment for listening to and playing original music.  He got his first soprano saxophone there and the local scene had many great players such as Gene Dinwiddie and Howard Johnson. 

Joe has played all kinds of music such as improvised, jazz, rock, blues, club date, and weddings.  He moved to Amsterdam, Holland in 1977 because it was so alive with such great music.  The local scene thrived with Burton Greene, Han Bennink, Charles Tyler, and Philip Wilson.  After living there for a short time, he moved 100 miles north of New York and fell into a 10 year hiatus from performing publicly, but still performing privately. 

He met Joe McPhee, a saxophonist and trumpeter, at a night club one night and meeting him started the beginning of a long time collaboration which has also reintroduced audiences in the US, Canada, and Europe to his music.  Joe has been active with various musicians such as Pauline Oliveros, Bill Dixon, Warren Smith, and many others.  His music has been commissioned by The Oliveros Foundation, the Udu Drum Division of LP Percussion, and Amnesty International Woodstock.  His newest record is RED MOROCCO on the Rogue Art label from Paris and has been getting a lot of attention worldwide.

Pierre Joris

Joris has lived in the US, Great Britain, North Africa, and France since he left Luxembourg at the age of eighteen.  He returned to the Mid-Hudson valley area in 1992 to teach poetry and poetics at the State University of New York at Albany.  He lives there with singer and performance artist Nicole Peyrafitte and their son Miles.

He has published over 20 books and chapbooks of poetry and since 2003 he has published a selection of essays under the title “A Nomad Poetics.”  Joris has also published many translations both into English and French.  He has co-edited with Jerome Rothenberg a two volume anthology of 20th century avant-garde writings titled “Poems for the Millennium: The University of California Book of Modern and Postmodern Poetry.”  The first volume received the 1996 Pen Oakland Josephine Miles Award for Excellence in Literature. 

They have also co-edited and co-translated “The Burial of the Count of Orgaz and Other Writings of Pablo Picasso.”  Working with Nicole Peyrafitte has allowed Joris to create a range of collaborations such as dePLACEments, Manifesto&a, Riding the Lines, and many others.