TJ Burdick

Hi, I’m TJ from the Youth media sanctuary. I’ve been with them for a couple months now and it’s been really fun. I’m the youngest person to join The Sanctuary and to already be a Story Harvest cameraman (right) was a big thing to me. While having a lot of fun, we also have to stay on task here at The Sanctuary, or things do not get done. Branda Miller was a huge character in my days with The Sanctuary, why, because she knows how to get things done– and make it look good, too. My mom and grandmother, are also a great help with my developing career. Children With Voices, organized by my grandmother, also is a great influence for me because it helps me not be shy and be more outgoing. 


Attention all youth : come to The Sanctuary for Independent Media and sign up nooow!

                                                                             The events participated in:

                                                                 Stop The Violence Back To School Rally

                                                                            Story Harvest ’14

                                                            ”US out of my living room” leslie james pickering 

                                                                        ” The Yes Men Are Revolting

                                                                     Dear Climate Gallery Art Opening

                                                                                   And more