Transition Troy

Transition Troy projects help the community of Troy prepare for and adapat to the revolutionary change from oil dependency to local resilience. Transition is not a particular program, but a process for a community to dialogue, decide, and act. Transition Troy is a collaboration of residents committed to leading our city and the surrounding area into and through this period of transformation. Transition is a process to shift society from industrial to sustainable culture. Priorities and projects are different and unique throughout each community. The process is about creativity, relationship building, and community enhancement. The group’s number one mission is to enable people to find like-minded collaborators and form working groups that make things happen. The organization communicates and cooridinates a diversity of efforts within a unifying vision to move our are forward into the 21st century. The Sanctuary for Independent Media, the Collard City Growers, Troy Bike Rescue, as well as many other local organizations collaborate with Transition Troy in order to make a change and move forward with our community.