Trio Tarana

This show is available online here (click on individual tracks at right) and on DVD directly from Downtown Music Gallery.

Ravish Momin


Born in Hyderabad, India, Ravish spent his childhood in Bombay and Bahrain.  He grew up listening to a wide variety of Asian Music.  Trio Tarana’s music specializes in the interpretations of many different Asian musical traditions, like the music of Japanese Taiko Drum Ensembles, Afghani folk songs, Hindu chants, and North and South Indian rhythm circles. 


He has obtained a B.S. in Civil/Environmental Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.  Momin has also studied the drums with Andrew Cyrille, Bob Moses, and Ian Froman.  He also studied North Indian Classical percussion with Misha Masud.  He has performed with various artists such as Sam Bardfeld, Jason Kao Hwang, Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz, Pam Kurstin, and Ursel Schlicht’s Ex Tempore.


Sam Bardfeld


Bardfeld is a violinist who is a member of Bruce Springsteen’s “Sessions” band and he is a featured soloist on two of his last recordings.  He is also a member of The Jazz Passengers and has worked with jazz legends like John Zorn, Anthony Braxton, Ray Anderson, and Jay Spaulding.  He has recorded two CDs of critically acclaimed original music such as Taxidermy and Periodic Trespasses.  He is also the author of “Latin Violin: How to Play Salsa, Charanga, and Latin Jazz Violin.” 


His latest project is Up Jumped the Devil, which is a tribute to violinist Stuff Smith.  Sam was born in New York, NY and began studying the violin at the young age of five years old.  When he turned fourteen, he began to play songs with his friends and did some recordings.  He later attended Wesleyan University in 1986 where he graduated with honors and studied improvisation with saxophonist Bill Barron.  He was awarded a fifth year Ford Foundation Academic Associates grant in 1991 to study ethnomusicology at Wesleyan.


When Sam was 26, he quit his day job to become a freelance musician and performed with such musicians like John Zorn, The Gotham Playboys, Michael Attias, Ehran Elisha, and Kevin Norton.  He also began to work with the Latin music scene in the city.  He toured through Europe, South America, and major US jazz festivals.


He started working with saxophonist Roy Nathanson in 2002.  He later made his second album Periodic Trespasses and recorded it like a graphic novel that tells the story of a character named Saul.  Currently, Sam is touring with Roy Nathanson’s Sotto Voce and working on the Broadway production of “Lone Star Love.”  He is living in Brooklyn with his wife, Jessica, and their daughter, Daisy.


Brandon Terzic


Terzic has been inspired to play oud by many different things.  He has been inspired by Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Marvin Gaye, blues music, flamenco music, African music, and Chinese classical music, along with all the musicians that he has played with. 


He combines the dignity and agility of Hamza Al Din with a Western inclusive attitude.  He brings together blues and funk into his more feverish string bending and he sounds remarkably self-assured.  When Terzic plays his oud solo, it is said to sound like it was taken from Jimi Hendrix’s own fret board.  He is both original and traditional.