Youth Media Sanctuary

Youth Media Sanctuary (YMS) is a community media arts peer-training project, designed to teach multimedia skills to young people, ages 15 through 25, in North Troy, NY, and to help develop urgently needed independent local voices in our economically devastated neighborhood. This low-income neighborhood—still filled with beautiful brownstones, once the nation’s fifth wealthiest community and the heart of the American Industrial Revolution—now struggles with poverty and abandoned buildings, health and nutrition problems, the neglect and criminalization of its residents.

There is a dire need for empowering education.The Youth Media Sanctuary has a goal of reporting positive media throughout the community to represent the younger generation of North Troy. The YMS gives these young people a voice and teaches them how to be independent through lessons of media art. Each specific individual that belongs to YMS is a crucial part to the Sanctuary with every activity that they are involved in.