Collar Works Radio 2-27-20 with JoAnne Carson

For this episode Collar Works Radio host Justin Baker sat down with JoAnne Carson in the middle of the Opalka Gallery in Albany, NY and talked to her about her recent 25 year retrospective Rise Up and Shine!

Collar Works Radio 1-29-20 with Berly Brown and Will Hutnik

With Collar Works host Justin Baker this week is Berly Brown and Will Hutnick, two artists who are
featured at Collar Works Gallery in the upcoming exhibition Northern Lights that opens January 31st. The work in this exhibition creates a surreal and vibrant visual experience, much like the bright, dancing lights of the north, these artists do to.

Collar Works Radio with Ken Ragsdale Part 2

This week is part two of Collar Works Radio host Justin Bakers interview with Ken Ragsdale, they continue their conversation about memory, folding paper, 11 year undergraduate degrees and how they both enjoy sitting in their basements making photographs.

On the Link Between Rep. Elise Stefanik and Far Right Activist Mike Kibling

This past fall, media in New York State’s 21st Congressional District reported on links between Representative Elise Stefanik and far-right activist Mike Kibling. WOOC correspondent Aaron Pedinotti has this report.

Collar Works Radio with Daesha Devón Harris, Pt. 2/2

This week is part two of my interview with Daesha Devón Harris, in this segment we discuss spirituality, making things by hand and our mutual love of looking at painting.

Collar Works Radio with Daesha Devón Harris, Pt. 1

This week my guest is Daesha Devón Harris an artist who’s work in photography was recently awarded a prestigious Aaron Siskind Individual Photographer’s Fellowship Grant and a NYFA Artist Fellowship in Photography. Daesha was kind enough to sit down and discuss in depth her work that is on display at the Esther Massry Gallery as part of their alumni exhibition.

Collar Works Radio: LABspace Pt Two

This week is part two of my interview with Julie Torres of LABspace. If you heard last weeks account, then you know LABspace is a contemporary art gallery located in Hillsdale, NY that is run by Julie and her partner Ellen Lecther. This weeks segment picks up in dialogue about the gallery and why exhibiting local artist’s is so important, then we continue our conversation about how LABspace keeps putting such damn good shows.

Collar Works Radio: LABspace, Pt. One

With me this week is Julie Torres of LABspace. If you don’t know LABspace is a contemporary art gallery located in Hillsdale, NY that is run by Julie and her partner Ellen Lecther, and in my opinion is showing some the most challenging and exciting work in the area. The current show Hillsdale, which features 10 artists that live and work in Hillsdale NY is up and running till December 1st.

Collar Works Radio with Josh carter, Part 2

This week is part two of my interview with Josh Carter of Phantogram. In this segment we talk more about Josh’s songwriting process and how certain sounds are made on the record. The conversation ranges in influence from the Beastie Boys to Steven Reich.

Collar Works Radio with Dorothy Englander

My guest this week is Dorothy Englander. Dorothy is an incredible artist that was recently honored with a four decade retrospective of her art in September of this year, at the Albany Center Gallery. Our conversation starts with the two of us discussing how her imagery is connected to the ideas of biology and at the times the home. From there we delve deeper.

Collar Works Radio with Josh Carter, Part 1

This week we have Josh Carter from Phantogram. Josh was kind enough to call in from Harmony West, the new Phantogram studio in Joshua Tree, California. In part one of our interview we talk about the beginnings of their last album Three and how they began to record in the middle of a family tragedy.

Collar Works Radio: Artist Becca Van K on “Feel Me”

“Feel Me” was a multimedia, multi-sensory art installation that just finished up its run at Collar Works in Troy. WOOC correspondent Aaron Pedinotti went there on opening night and talked with artist Becca Van K about her exhibition, which paired quilted images to recordings of house and techno music that she listened to while she wove them.

Collar Works Radio with Timothy Nerny

This week we have another edition of “Art Jobs”, the mission of art jobs is to talk to people in the creative field who make a living being creative. Our art jobs correspondent Kyra Garrigue talks to designer, Timothy Nerney from Engine 7 Design in Troy, NY. Tim talks about his beginnings in design, landing his first job and starting his own business, and how you navigate those waters.