Jessi Adcock Speaks of Her Work with Refresh Appalachia

In this interview, recorded before the COVID lockdown, HMM correspondent Mark Russo speaks with Jessi Adcock of Refresh Appalachia about the work that organization is doing in former coal country to create a positive impact on the climate crisis.

MediaSanctuary · Jessi Adcock – Refresh Appalachia

Drop the Mic 3-6-20: Ferriday Live in the Studio

HMM Cohosts Lovonia and Guy are joined in the studio by local band Ferriday for an interview and a live performance of their song “Two Trees” from their newly released album, Everywhere You Go. To check out more of their music, go to

Ferriday started practicing and writing songs in the spring of 2013. The band is made up of two sets of brothers, who have been friends since high school. They all moved away from the area for a time, then found themselves back in the capital region and decided to play music together again. In early 2015, they released their first album Under the Western Sky, followed by All Roads in 2016. Ferriday’s musical style is a mix of everything they they grew up listening to, from Neil Young to Minutemen to Weezer.

Drop The Mic: Gangstagrass

In a new episode of Drop the Mic with Lovonia Mallory ,she interviews Gangstagrass a band that build bridges by combining bluegrass and hip hop in a unique and groundbreaking way. They are the originators of a new form of music that brings people together in exciting and infectious party atmosphere. They will be performing at Eighth Step at Proctors Theater Friday night at 7pm where they will feature classic hip hop and bluegrass jams!