Fund Excluded Workers, The Hunger Continues

21 days ago, workers across New York State began their hunger strike to demonstrate the urgent need to include $3.5 billion in the state budget to Fund Excluded Workers. Emergency income support has left out various groups of people including undocumented immigrants, people recently released from incarceration, and others. On April 5th, people from all over NYState came to Albany to demand financial support for the excluded New Yorkers who have not seen any relief in the last year of the pandemic.

Report by Sina Basila Hickey

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Livestream video of the event here:…/227771872464274
image by Columbia County Sanctuary Movement


NYS Council Churches Director Talks NYS Budget

The Rev. Peter Cook, the Executive Director of the NYS Council of Churches, discussed the status of key issues such as raise taxes on the wealthy and the excluded workers fund in the NYS budget. With Mark Dunlea for Hudson Mohawk Radio Network.

Corporate Tax Breaks Hurt Schools

Tax breaks given to developers cost school districts nationwide $2.4 billion annually, including more than $10 million in the city of Rensselaer. The school districts hurt the most are often low-income and with high percentages of students of color. We talk with Christine Wen, the author of the report by Good Jobs First. With Mark Dunlea for Hudson Mohawk Radio Network.

Fund Excluded Workers, Hunger Strike Action

On March 24th, a group assembled in the Albany State Capital Concord to demand $3.5 billion to be included in the NY State Budget to support workers excluded from previous COVID-19 financial relief packages. Many in attendance had been fasting since last week to underscore the dire need for this financial support. By Sina Basila Hickey for the Hudson Mohawk Magazine.

Deutsch Talks Revenue Raisers In Budget Resolution

The one-house budget resolutions released this week include $7 to $8 billion in increased revenues, primarily higher taxes on the wealthy. While far below the $50 billion sought by the Invest in NY campaign, a major increase over prior years. We discuss the various revenue proposals with Ron Deutsch with New Yorkers for Fiscal Fairness. With Mark Dunlea for Hudson Mohawk Radio Network.

Worker Bailout Fund For Excluded Workers

In the words of Columbia County Sanctuary Movement, “A coalition of excluded workers, immigrants rights advocates, and clergy joined by local elected officials participated in a statewide day of action in support of legislation to establish a fund for excluded workers… The bill, sponsored by Senator Jessica Ramos, would create a fund to provide cash assistance to individuals and families facing economic hardship due to the pandemic. The fund would cover New Yorkers, including undocumented workers, shut out from federal relief packages passed by Congress. “ Hudson Mohawk Magazine attended the press conference in Hudson, NY. Sina Basila Hickey bring this report.
The audio at the top of the episode is from a march in NYC, shared with permission from the twitter account #FundExcludedWorkers 


O’Neil Talks Green Party Campaign Finance

The federal HR 1 – For the People Act – is designed to protect and expand voting rights against Republican efforts to curtail at the state level. But the Green Party says that the public campaign finance proposals, rather than reigning in special interest money, will block third parties from participating. With Michael O’Neil, Communications Manager for the Green Party of the US. With Mark Dunlea for Hudson Mohawk Radio Network.

TripleE and Denise Berkley Talk CSEA and Economy – Part 2

TripleE’s host, H. Bosh Jr, continues his interview with Denise Berkley who was elected to CSEA Statewide Executive Vice President in February 2020. Berkley said, “The labor movement created a strong middle class and continues to boost our economy. Despite attacks, we are stronger than ever, and we are thriving because we fight with our activism, perseverance and grit. I believe unions are central to protecting all working families and rewarding work again.” This is part 2 of a two part interview.

Poor People’s Campaign Update

The Poor People’s Campaign continues the work of Dr. King, addressing the interconnected issues of racism, poverty, ecological devastation. war and the nation’s distorted morality of religious nationalism. We talk with Rev. Joe Paparone of the NYS Labor Religion Coalition and Thomas Kearney of RAPP – Release Aging People from Prison. By Mark Dunlea for Hudson Mohawk Radio Network.

Brunch & Budget

Pamela Capalad is the Founder and Lead Financial Advisor at Brunch & Budget whose core focus is to be the catalyst for a power shift and believes that personal finance is a revolutionary act.
HMM’s Sina Basila Hickey talked with Pamela about the concept behind her business, our relationships with our finances, the racial wealth divide, and the Brunch & Budget podcast.

Mushroom Business Opens in Troy

The COVID-19 pandemic has shuttered so many local businesses, but some have seized the moment to start new ventures. Collar City Mushrooms opened for business in the Lansingburgh section of Troy on February 6. HMM correspondent Corinne Carey spoke with owner, grower, and forager Avery Stemple about how he got into mushrooms, starting the business during the pandemic, plans for the future, what kinds of tasty mushrooms customers can buy at the shop, and what they can do with them.

TripleE and Denise Berkley Talk CSEA – Part 1

TripleE’s host, H. Bosh Jr, speaks with Denise Berkley, Statewide Executive Vice President for CSEA. Berkley is also the chair of AFSCME’s Racial, Social and Economic Justice Workgroup where she leads union members across the country in addressing racism and injustice both in the labor movement and in the larger national conversation.

Denise has been a member of the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists (CBTU) for 34 years, and CBTU National Women’s Chair since May 2013.

This is part 1 of a 2 part interview.

Cynthia Pooler interviews Assemblyman John McDonald on the Budget

HMM’s Cynthia Pooler interviews Assemblyman John McDonald on the budget, working across the aisle, session during COVID-19, municipal internet, and more.


Campaign Calls on State to Invest in Our New York

Campaign manager for the Invest in Our New York coalition Rebecca Bailin talks to HMM correspondent Corinne Carey about the coalition’s call on state lawmakers and the Governor to adopt a 3-point plan to raise revenue to fill the state’s gaping budget hole.

A Common Platform Interview with Thomas Hanna (Full)

Thomas Hanna, Director of Research at the Democracy Collaborative discusses the harms caused by big tech, recent anti-trust actions against the major companies, and an alternative vision for democratic public ownership of technology platforms with HMM’s Natalie Meltzer.

Hanna is co-author of a recent report entitled “A Common Platform: Reimagining Data and Platforms”


NY to Decarbonize State Pension Fund

On Dec. 9, Tom DiNapoli announced that within 4 years he would divest from the riskiest fossil fuels and seek to decarbonize the entire pension fund by 2040. In part 2 of our coverage of the DivestNY press conference, we hear from Hridesh Singh of NY Youth Climate Leaders; Mimi Hoffman, a pensioner; and Tom Sanzillo, former Deputy State Comptroller who is now with the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA). By Mark Dunlea for Hudson Mohawk Radio Network.

MediaSanctuary · DivestNY Comptroller Annouce 9'45 News Part 2 12-9-2020

Dr. Green Speaks on Race Poverty Urban Institute

A new national report out from the Urban Institute shows that Albany is one of the worst cities in America for racial and economic inclusion. That comes as no surprise to Dr. Alice Green, Executive Director of the Center for Law and Justice. With Mark Dunlea for the Hudson Mohawk Radio Network.

MediaSanctuary · Green Race Poverty Urban Institute 9'55 News 9-28-2020

Amanda Cavanaugh on NYS Budget Cuts to Schools

Watervliet School Board President, Amanda Cavanaugh speaks about NYS budget cuts to schools for the last 3 months and the current impact on school districts with limited ability to generate revenue. With HMM Correspondent Michele Maserjian for Hudson Mohawk Radio Network.

MediaSanctuary · Amanda Cavanaugh on NYS Budget Cuts to Schools

1,100+ Urge NYS comptroller DiNapoli to divest pension fund from fossil fuels

More than 1,100 academics and scientists have sent a letter to NYS Comptroller Tom DiNapoli and Governor Andrew Cuomo urging the state to divest its pension fund from fossil fuels. We talk with Dr. Fahana Sultana of Syracuse University and Richard Brooks of With Mark Dunlea for Hudson Mohawk Radio Network.

MediaSanctuary · Farhana Brooks DivestNY Academics 10'05 News 9-11-2020

Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Virtual 2020 ALC

The Hudson Mohawk Magazine Network Roaming Labor Correspondent, Willie Terry, attended “The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation,” Virtual 2020 Annual Legislative Conference on August 31. In this segment, he plays a recording of exerts from a workshop entitled “Money, Wealth and Disparities: Agony to Action – Creating Inclusive Access.” Congresswoman JoyBeatty moderated the seminar. You will hear some exerts from the presentation given by Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Professor, Georgetown University, and Adrienne Trimble, President and CEO of the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC).

MediaSanctuary · Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Virtual 2020 ALC