Attorney Kathy Manley on Shahed Hussain owner of Prestige Limo and entrapper of Yassin Aref

That was Melissa Bromley speaking with Kathy Manley about Shahed Hussain, owner of Prestige Limousine — the company whose unregistered limo recently crashed, killing 20 people in Schoharie. Manley is the attorney of another victim of Hussein’s, Yassin Aref, who spent 15 years in prison after Shahed entrapped him while working as a paid FBI informant.

Criminal Defense Attorney Kathy Manley joins WOOC Producer Melissa Bromley to discuss Shahed Hussain–owner of Prestige Limousine, the company whose unsafe limo killed 20 people in Schoharie. Shahed Hussain was also the hired FBI informant who entrapped her client, Imam Yassin Aref, who she and many others believe to be innocent. Aref was recently released after spending 15 years in prison and is now awaiting deportation back to Iraq.