Benefits of Online Learning for Disabled Students

After acquiring multiple disabilities in her early twenties, Oaklee Thiele began utilizing her artistic platform to chronicle life from the disabled perspective. Her work centers on invisible chronic illness, the intimate bond she has formed with her service dog, Coco, and coming to terms with the early deterioration of mind and body. As her health continues to decline, Thiele develops custom-made tools to allow her to continue creating large-scale abstracted works. In March of 2020, Thiele partnered with DisArt to produce the My Dearest Friends Project, an international public art collaboration centering disability and COVID-19. Since its inception, MDFP has collected, illustrated, and digitally archived over 350 testimonies from disabled people impacted by COVID-19 across the globe. HMM intern Alexx Weihrich asks Thiele about her time with remote learning.